To Understand The Insanity Of Trump Supporters, Look No Further Than Alex Jones

Nobody in the “alternative media” or even Fox News has stood behind Donald Trump more than Alex Jones. Sure, Sean Hannity has been a staunch boot-licker and has tried in every way to spin every story in favor of Trump, but Alex Jones of Infowars takes the tinfoil hat award.

Early in Trump’s campaign, Alex Jones and his media channel pinned their hopes on The Donald and courted his attention at every chance presented. Trump appeared on Infowars and promised Jones that he would be very happy with a Trump administration.

Trump hasn’t gone as far down the rabbit hole of insane conspiracies as Jones has. He prefers to say that he heard something from someone, and perhaps that’s what the real truth is, but you know, that’s something that people are saying.

It isn’t too hard to figure out where a lot of these talking points are coming from, because if you pay attention to Infowars, Jones peddles some of these ideas a day or two before Trump spouts off in the press.

Jones interviewed Trump in December 2015, at length. During the show, Trump told Jones that “your reputation is amazing,” and promised, “I will not let you down.” Jones paid back the compliment, telling Trump that “90 percent” of his listeners back him. Trump has tweeted out Infowars links, as has his son Donald Trump Jr. Roger Stone, a top Trump adviser, is a frequent guest on Jones’s radio show.

Alex Jones believes a lot of things — like, as Spin’s Andy Cush documents, the notion that Justin Bieber is part of an evil plot to confiscate your guns. This kind of idea is, slowly but surely, being dragged toward the conservative mainstream by Donald Trump. (Vox)

Alex Jones and Donald Trump have something in common, they both hate the “mainstream media” – with the exception of Fox News which just happens to be the most watched cable news channel. Even Fox is careful not to give Jones too much attention, but that is because they see him as a competitor for their fringe conservative audience that believes Fox News isn’t conservative enough.

Trump’s supporters believe in a lot of the things that Alex Jones presents, and are happy to look the other way on the more insane ideas he talks about, such as lizard people and child exploitation on Mars. They do it because he says the things they want to believe about Hillary Clinton, Obama, and liberals. Jones panders to their deepest conspiracy beliefs, the things they suspect but are too afraid to voice without someone in the media backing them up.

Trump supporters and Infowars followers have anger and beliefs in wild conspiracies in common. Both are convinced that their version of American greatness is being ripped out from under feet by “globalists” (a code word for Jewish people), liberals and minorities. They believe that white people will become a persecuted minority in America, and that radical Islam will pour over the borders into the United States, replacing conservative Christianity.

Gee, it’s like America doesn’t have a history of persecuting religious and racial minorities, right? White people never committed genocide, forced people into slavery or pushed the original inhabitants of this continent into reservations after breaking all of their promises and treaties. What could they possibly be afraid of?

Check out this video from Super Deluxe for a good laugh at Alex Jones’ expense:

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