Sleeping Giants: Meet The Activists Who Are Taking Breitbart Down

Before Steve Bannon left the White House to return to his job at Breitbart, the activist group Sleeping Giants has been working to cut off funding for the right-wing hate site. Breitbart and Bannon were instrumental in electing Trump, and they have spread their message of conspiracy paranoia, misogyny, and racism around the globe.

Breitbart is especially popular on Reddit’s alt-right subs. Their fans have leveraged the popular platform to push articles to the top of every subreddit that they’re allowed on, and have tried to bully default subs like /r/worldnews and /r/news to remove the site from their blacklists in order to push more traffic and ad revenue to Breitbart.

Nearly every for-profit website depends on traffic and ad revenue to stay afloat. If a site is not getting views, advertisers are less likely to pay for ads. Breitbart is wildly popular with white supremacists around the world, and they get a ton of traffic because of that.

That’s where Sleeping Giants comes in. Even though Reddit, Twitter and Facebook have not banned the site completely, Sleeping Giants is still targeting advertisers and getting them to blacklist their ads from appearing on Breitbart.

Here are a few Tweets alerting unsuspecting companies about where their ad dollars are going.

Denying ad revenue to any media company is a kiss of death. One of the remaining major companies allowing their ads to appear on Breitbart is Amazon, which now owns Whole Foods.

Let’s put Breitbart down once and for all. Let Amazon know that you stand with Sleeping Giants, and that you will take your business elsewhere until they blacklist Breitbart and other right-wing hate sites.

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