How to Get Out of Your Liberal Media Bubble And Avoid Fake News

Just like with liberal websites, conservative and even moderate news sources can be difficult to sift through. There are a ton of bad sites pushing fake news and exaggerated stories out there, many of which you have likely seen in your Facebook feed. Businesses like Occupy Democrats and many more pose as political organizations and causes, but they’re really little more than for-profit groups around the world trying to cash in on partisan anger.

However, it is important to keep your horizons broadened and to avoid living in a media bubble. You may – and you will – disagree with the opinions in these articles, but the sources are generally reliable.

It is vital to understand all points of view, even if you do not intend to argue them out with anyone. However, if you do enjoy debating politics, this is a great way to hone your message.

All of these are available on Facebook, but I have discovered too much really right-winged news everyday makes me ragey, especially when it sneaks up on me in my Facebook feed. I am currently incorporating as many of these as possible into a separate Flipboard magazine, so I can steel myself, and so I do not have to see the comments sections. My goal is not to engage with strangers on their platforms, so this works out great for me.

Conservative Sites

National Review: Uber-conservative, but consistently so.

Weekly Standard: Also quite conservative, but like National Review, both came out strongly against Trump in the primaries. They are supportive of some of his policies, but both will take him to task when necessary.

Washington Post’s The Right Turn (Jennifer Rubin)

Commentary Magazine

Avoid – Daily Wire, Daily Caller, Fox News, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Infowars, Conservative Treehouse, etc. unless you want your brain to implode.

Moderate and Libertarian Websites

Eat, Pray, Vote: These are younger bloggers, mostly Gen X and millennials.

Reason: The libertarian magazine is a good place to go when a story just will not line up between Conservative and Liberal authors. I have always found their sources to be good, although the opinions are hardcore.

Red State: This one depends on the author. Some would fit in better at National Review, while others are more moderate and open-minded. They work independently, so that can take some getting used to.

Stand Up Republic: Founded by Evan McMullen and Mindy Finn after the election of Trump, this site is Conservative, but it feels moderate in today’s climate.


For straight news, I still prefer mainstream news sources like CNN, NBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Hill, USA Today, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and local news, etc. For opinion/blogger style, Talking Points Memo, Patheos, and 538 are great ones to start with.

Always be especially cautious of anything that leans too far in one direction or the other. Check links for the original story. With new sources that are sharing stories that seem too good to be true, look at their record with Snopes and Politifact.

Fake news is an incredibly lucrative business, with purveyors who care about profit first, and the truth last. If we buy into their exploitation, we have no right to criticize our political adversaries who do the same.

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