Yes, It’s Fair To Compare Donald Trump To The Anti-Christ

A popular villain in Christianity is the Anti-Christ, a figure that creates a cult of personality, and then throws the world into turmoil. The Anti-Christ convinces millions to follow him, and reject both Christ and his teachings.

The religious right whipped itself into a frenzy over the election of Barack Obama. They bought into all of the conspiracies about him being a closet gay Muslim sent to destroy Christian America. Then, when an alleged billionaire with a porn star wife, and list of scandals decided to run for president, they tripped over themselves to vote for The Donald.

No matter what Trump does, white evangelical Christians continue to support him. It’s as if they tossed decades of prophecies and hatred for Democrats they’ve accused of being the Anti-Christ, to support someone who fits the bill.

Via Vox:

White evangelical support of Donald Trump is at an all-time high, according to a new study. The poll, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in March, found that a full 75 percent of white evangelicals surveyed had a positive opinion of Donald Trump, compared to just 22 percent holding an unfavorable view. Among white evangelical men, that number is even higher — 81 percent — while 71 percent of white evangelical women also view Trump favorably. The poll has been tracking Trump’s ratings since he first became a Republican primary candidate in March 2015.

Given that 81 percent of white evangelical voters voted for Trump, these latest findings suggest that the well-document turmoil of Trump’s presidency has done little to dissuade his core supporters. Nor are his supporters necessarily banking on the only Republican option out there: According to the poll, 69 percent of white evangelicals would prefer Trump, rather than another Republican candidate, as the 2020 presidential nominee. (Source)

Obviously, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in any of the Biblical prophecies or the religious right nonsense regarding the End Times, or the Anti-Christ.

It is worth pointing out that evangelical Christians have been exploited by the Republican Party for decades. They’ve been told that their religion is under attack, and liberals are the immoral monsters who wanted to foist godless, Russian values on America.

In the upside-down world that is conservative politics, it would make complete sense that they would vote for someone who is the pinnacle of everything the religious right claims to oppose.

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