What Treason? Trump Supporters Will Excuse Anything He Does

It has come to light that Donald Trump Jr attempted to collude with Russians in order to help his father’s campaign. This isn’t some speculative Palmer Report blog posing as real news, Donald Trump Jr posted the emails between him and Russian officials which promised to deliver scandalous information against Hillary Clinton which would help his father’s presidential campaign.

Trump’s supporters can no longer claim that suspicions of collusion are “fake news” since his own son came out and admitted that he did have contact with Russia. Trump Jr confirmed the New York Times story, the same organization his father and his voters believes to be “fake news.”

If you think for one minute that these revelations have swayed the Deplorables, think again. They’ve already moved on to say that it doesn’t matter. Trump voters don’t care that Russia meddled in our presidential election, because it means Hillary Clinton lost.

Three decades of Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton led up to this. Since she became First Lady, Secretary Clinton has been constantly smeared by conservative media and painted as a monster who wanted to indoctrinate white Christian children into Satan worship and performing recreational abortions with their same-sex partners.

I remember being a child in the 90s and not being allowed to have a library card, because that was considered a gateway to the Hillary agenda. That festering hatred and fear has gone on for decades, likely because the far-right knew that she would one day run for president.

The far-right isn’t upset at the news that there was collusion with Russia, they’re happy about it. In their minds, the ends justify the means. At this point, Donald Trump could take a dump on the White House lawn and wipe his ass with the flag while shooting bald eagles for fun with his kids, and his supporters would justify it as being “politically incorrect.”

They know he’s wrong. They know that they are in the wrong, but none of that matters in their nihilistic view, because White America is disappearing. The alt-right would rather burn this country to the ground than see it be governed by minorities and liberals.

That is their train of logic. No matter who did what, none of that matters, so long as Hillary Clinton didn’t become president – and “liberal tears.”

They’ll defend that to the end of Trump’s seemingly doomed tenure in office. Other people, like my mother, don’t care because it means that Mike Pence will be in line assume the presidency – and that is the person the religious right really wanted all along.

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