Trump Supporters Love Russia and Fascism More Than Their Own Country

In the 1984 movie “Red Dawn,” the Russian army invades the United States and are opposed by a group of scrappy high school kids who call themselves the Wolverines. The invasion of our country by an occupying force, met with guerrilla resistance, was the wet dream of gun fanatics (and many current Trump supporters) for decades.

Our country is currently under occupation by a foreign power, the same Russians, even though they don’t have a standing army with boots on the ground. Times have changed and you don’t need to have to have tanks and machine guns on every corner. A few divisions of professional trolls and millions of angry citizens is all it takes in the digital age to turn a nation upside down, and put an unstable narcissist in power like Donald Trump.

Four people connected to Donald Trump have now been charged in the Russia investigation. General Michael Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI, in exchange for testifying against the Trump administration.

No matter what comes out of the investigation, Trump’s supporters will stand by him. They have bought so deeply into the scam that Russia sold them, that nothing will convince the Deplorables that they were wrong. Decades of conservative media has convinced right-wing conservatives that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and liberals are the greatest threat to our country.

I believe that once all is investigated and prosecuted, it will come to light that Donald Trump was groomed by Russia for decades. A failed real estate mogul who should have gone bankrupt in the 1990s was kept afloat by Moscow, because they knew he could be used to eventually turn the United States upside down.

The same people who feared and loathed the U.S.S.R. are now its greatest supporters. You have to give Vladimir Putin and his intelligence agents credit, they played Republicans, and the far-left beautifully with fake news and other forms of manipulation.

There is an opportunity for Democrats to retake the House and Senate in the mid-term elections, but only if people turn out and vote. More than that, we have to convince people on the right that Trump never had their best interests in mind. That’s going to be the hard part.

This period of our history will be taught in high school and college classes for decades to come. Whether or not we recover from this invasion remains to be seen. Sadly, I think that too many people have bought into the Russian scam for us to reverse course.

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