Trump Supporters Don’t Want To “Make America Great Again” – They Want Fascism

Remember when the Tea Party and eventual supporters of Donald Trump staged rallies in Washington against President Obama? It seems like so long ago when the far-right did things like send thousands of bikers to DC to protest Obamacare in the name of patriotism and free speech.

Now that The Donald is in the White House, they suddenly oppose free speech and protests. The far-right calls for liberal protesters to be jailed or even shot, even as they show up to their own rallies armed with rifles and threatening violence in real life, and online.

They praised Trump’s promotion of police violence, even though law enforcement official pushed back. They want Hillary Clinton thrown into prison, despite no indictments after years of Republican investigations.

This isn’t democracy the alt-right wants. They want fascism and authoritarianism. The far-right is terrified of white people becoming a minority in this country. This faction of the electorate is still furious that a black man was elected president twice, by a landslide. Their hero lost the popular vote, and had approximately more ten million people vote for other candidates than him.

The millions of Trump supporters calling for fascism don’t care about the Constitution or the rule of law at all, and neither does Trump. They’re happy to collect government benefits because they believe it was earned, but minorities who have paid into the system are somehow “moochers.”

Trump wants the rules of the Senate to be changed so he can ram through bills, even though he once praised them for blocking Obama era legislation.

All of this shall eventually pass, but only if we resist like hell. Like communism, fascism is not sustainable. My grandfather fought Nazis, and I’m fighting their latest reincarnation in the White House. I urge you to join me.

Thirteen years ago Paxton wrote that all that is required for a rebirth of fascism is “polarization, deadlock, mass mobilization against internal and external enemies, and complicity by existing elites. . . . It is of course conceivable that a fascist party could be elected to power in free, competitive elections.”

But that could never happen here in America, the oldest democracy in the world, could it? (Boston Globe)

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