Trump Is Screwing His Louisiana Voters, And They’re Too Dumb To Notice

Louisiana voters went overwhelmingly for Trump in the 2016 election. Even though my girlfriend and I voted for Hillary Clinton, we knew ahead of time that he would carry Louisiana by a huge margin.

When all of the ballots were counted, he took Louisiana by 20 points, which was no huge surprise. Louisiana is a very conservative state and has been for a very long time. Trump supporters voted for him not only because he was running as a Republican, but because they were desperate.

But let’s back up a little bit to talk about how Louisiana got here. The Bayou State has been in an economic downturn for the past couple of years due to plummeting oil prices. Most manufacturing jobs like the ones with Fruit and Loom departed a long time ago for cheap labor markets overseas. The only major industry left was oil and gas.

In other words, Louisiana has had all of their eggs in one basket for years. Now that there is a glut of oil on the world market, and oil jobs have dried up faster than a pot of roux left unwatched. People who once had nice houses and fancy trucks who were living beyond their means are now bankrupt or forced to work jobs that they once looked down on.

The Trump mantra of “Make America Great Again” resonated with so many unemployed oilfield workers, evangelical Christians and white supremacists who live here. While we do have a conservative Democrat as governor, that was only because he ran against the wildly unpopular David Vitter who had more scandals than we could keep track of.

Trump doesn’t care about his supporters in Louisiana, especially in the oilfield, because he knows that nothing short of pissing on the American flag and then wiping his corpulent ass with it would turn them against him. Even then, these people would say that he’s just being politically incorrect and praise Trump even more because it upset liberals.

This post on Twitter the other day should tell them everything they need to know about Trump, but there hasn’t been one peep of outrage from conservatives in Louisiana.

As long as oil and gas prices are in the dumps, it means economic woes for Louisiana. Because Louisiana has refused over the years to do anything to diversify their economy and rely solely on fossil fuels, low gas prices translates to unemployment and a budget they can’t fund.

Years of conservative politics have led up to this. Taxpayers repeatedly refuse to fund new infrastructure projects and many of our roads resemble that of third-world countries, especially in rural areas. Corporate taxes only fund approximately 4% of Louisiana’s revenue, while we have the highest sales tax in the nation.

Trump supporters are hurting in Louisiana, and they’re paying an ungodly sales tax every time they go to Wal-mart or their local grocery stores. Trump didn’t cause all of these problems, but he sure as hell is making them worse. He proposed selling off half of our oil reserves, which would drive prices even further down, and also wanted to stop sharing oil revenues with Gulf Coast states.

Louisiana hated Hillary Clinton and voted for Trump because they hated the “elite.” Now they’re getting what they deserve. Long, hard, and all the way to the welfare line.

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