The Trump Era Can Only End Badly – For All Of Us

In 1930’s Germany, a place my family lived, the German people were willing to look the other way as atrocities and genocide were committed. They didn’t mind, because it was easier to blame Jews and other undesirable minorities were blamed for their economic woes. My aunt and her sons left before the Holocaust started, the rest of them were not so lucky.

That is the environment that Adolph Hitler and the Nazis exploited. This is not hyperbole, these are historical facts.

In 2018, a combination of Russian trolls and American white nationalist sympathizers are more than willing to commit violence against anyone they consider to be their enemies. This may not go the way of Nazi Germany, I hope sanity prevails eventually, but it certainly has the potential to.

Consider the fact that the Oath Keepers and 3 Percenters, groups my local congressman, Clay Higgins, likes to hang out with, threatened a far-right protest at Maxine Waters’ office.

As much as the Bush years scared me, I am absolutely freaked out about the direction of our country under Trump, with the direction of Russian interests. Throw in election hacking, voter intimidation, and this is a recipe for things to get much worse.

I’ve been harassed for over a year by local white nationalists who have sent me the specific square footage and description of a property that I own. My kids have been called “ghetto trash” for living in predominately-black neighborhood, I’ve been doxxed repeatedly in recent weeks, and my employer was sent multiple false HR reports about me.

Being a white, Jewish liberal who supports LGBT and workers’ rights in the Deep South does not rub well. It’s a good way to get yourself fired, beat up, or even killed.

This is one post from the personal profile of one of the people hassling me. If you don’t know what American Renaissance is, here you go.

It’s both troubling, and funny. I’m under their skin, and documenting all of it for law enforcement – because it is going to come down to that.

This is not going to get better, it’s going to get worse. Neo-Nazis are emboldened by Trump, and the GOP is tacitly embracing them. We’re going to go from clashes between Antifa and white nationalists in the streets, to something much worse.

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