The Religious Right Loves Trump, Because Their Fanaticism Is More Important Than Their False Values

No matter what comes out about Donald Trump, the religious right will support him. It wouldn’t matter if the Russian “pee tapes” turn out to be real, or if 100 other porn stars besides Stormy Daniels revealed that they had sex with him. He could have paid for 1,000 abortions with taxpayer dollars, ordered Russian mob hits, and personally pissed on the grave of Mother Theresa. All that matters is that he is willing to support laws and appoint federal judges sympathetic to their causes, and all else is forgiven.

VP Mike Pence made a trip to Israel, a wet dream for the religious right which believes that a final conflict in the region is necessary to bring about the End Times and return of Christ.

The support for Trump appears to be an unholy marriage of white nationalists, the religious right, and Russian mob interests.

Fascism is alive and well in America. The religious right is completely fine with it, just as too many Israelis are willing to excuse the right-wing ideology of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel who is demonizing refugees, just like Trump.

The American religious fascists gave up on finding a leader that fit their ideological mold. At this point in their game, they’re willing to overlook all of the personal failings, and even possible treason, of a right-wing president in order to advance their agenda.

This agenda includes reversing LGBT rights, Obama-era policies, and accelerating the timeline towards their End Times prophecy. Mike Pence and his evangelical backers are the true believers in this crusade that includes rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem at site of the Wailing Wall.

If this means supporting a president who is likely involved with the Russian mob and willing to tear our country apart, that’s a compromise they’re willing to make. Because Jesus, and the Bible.

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Manny Schewitz is an ex-Republican currently living in Louisiana with his fiancee, three children, two cats and a dog. His hobbies include trolling Trump supporters on local news stations, playing poker, and fishing.


  1. This fiscal democrat cannot support abortion on demand or the immorality of homosexuality and the insanity of transgenderism. We certainly need national health care and quality public education through the college years. On the right the greed of the corporations that include the health insurance industry and the power of the NRA must be rejected. I cannot vote for either party.
    The right does at this time support respect for religious freedom and strong conscientious persuasions. That could be a deciding factor.

    • I’m allowing your comment because holy hell, you’re tragic. Your IP address should be canceled by Charter, and you should definitely delete your account.

  2. Bahahaaa! Manny, your response to that hag was impeccable. I’m gay and I’m not “immoral”, and I was under the impression that for her to judge is (supposedly?”) a sin. Whatever that is. Now she’s just a hypocrite. Lady, can you walk on water, too? Surely you live in a glass house.

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