The Parkland Kids Are The Greatest Threat The NRA Has Ever Faced

After the Sandy Hook massacre, someone stated that if the slaughter of elementary school kids didn’t change our country’s attitude towards guns, nothing would. It was sad observation on the state of our nation, but it was very true.

I didn’t think anything would change anytime soon, but the Parkland kids are determined to make sure this never happens again. Naturally, the NRA is terrified. This time, it’s different. These are young adults within a year or two of being able to vote.

They watched .223 rounds rip their friends and classmates to pieces in front of their eyes, and gun nuts harping on about them being the generation that eats Tide pods is only serving to piss them off some more.

The old NRA crowd is dying out. The elderly white men who hoard guns and demand a safe space for their twisted interpretation of the 2nd Amendment are shuffling off this mortal coil daily. They’re being replaced by generations of kids who have lived through the terror of school shootings, kids who bear the physical and emotional scars of witnessing death in their classrooms.

The Parkland kids aren’t interested in the pedantic ramblings of gun fanatics who say that if you don’t know the difference between a .223 round and a 5.56 round, you have no right to speak on gun violence. It is true that there are other assault rifles chambered for other ammunition types, but the AR-15 and variations of it have been responsible for nearly every mass school shooting in recent history.

I hope Parkland will be the last mass shooting in a school in our lifetimes. The children who survived it likely feel the same.

I own guns. I hate the NRA, and I support the kids from Parkland, and from across the United States who say “never again.”

If gun fanatics keep mocking these young adults, they’re setting the stage for stricter regulations on guns than they could ever imagine. I’m perfectly OK with that.

The times, they are changing.

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