The Long Arm Of The Law Is Coming For Donald Trump

The indictments are here. The plea bargains and testimonies against Trump and his campaign’s collusion with Russia will spill out over the next few months. This will not get better for Trump, or anyone in his circle.

The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. An insecure and narcissistic alleged billionaire who lost the popular vote and was vaulted into the White House by foreign interference is starting to crack. Prepare for more unhinged 3am Twitter rants. Prepare yourselves for the mental unraveling of his supporters, and civil unrest.

The Russian trolls will hit social media in overdrive. They will try to distract the American public and turn us against each other even more, and Trump will undoubtedly take to Twitter to complain about Hillary Clinton, and the media.

As more evidence comes to light, more Republicans will abandon him, and the staunchest supporters will prepare for a civil war against law enforcement, the media, and the left. Prodded on by internet hoaxes like the one about an Antifa uprising that would kill white Christians, the fanatics will stockpile even more guns and ammunition.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller and his team continue to collect evidence. They are flipping former members of Trump’s campaign team to testify in exchange for lesser sentences, all as Mueller sets his sights on the The Donald himself.

This goes beyond the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia. Mueller is looking into Trump’s financial dealings which are shady at best, and will likely uncover decades of transactions with Russian interests that would make him beholden to Moscow.

Michael Flynn and his son will probably be indicted soon. A man who was on the Russian state media payroll (along with Jill Stein) was allowed access to our national security secrets, after being fired by President Obama, only to be re-hired by Trump, despite the warnings. Flynn led Trump supporters in calls to lock Hillary Clinton up, but he’s the one who is looking at a perp walk, not Hillary.

These coming months will be discussed in history classes for decades. Years from now, professors will discuss how Russia tried to break apart NATO via social media, one country at a time.

I hate to say it, but there will likely be blood in the streets before this is all over. If and when Trump is forced from office, he and his supporters will not go down without massive turmoil.

Welcome to the decline of the American Dream.

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