The Democratic Party Civil War Is Between The Establishment And Millennials

I got a lot of flak for my last article that lambasted Baby Boomers, and their vendetta against Millennials. It quickly turned into a bunch of Baby Boomers claiming that they weren’t part of the problem, while completely missing the point I was trying to make.

I’m a registered Democrat, and I live in Louisiana. Here in the South, it often seems that Democrats are willing to run a candidate that appeals to donors up north, even if it means losing because their offering does not match the values of the state or district – at all.

That’s why I didn’t want to get wrapped up too tightly in any political campaign – simply because of the fact it would turn into another reenactment of “Life of Brian” in a war between older and younger voters. In case you’re wondering, I was born at the very end of Gen X.

Yet, here we are, and I’m working for the leading Democratic opponent to Clay Higgins, Rob Anderson.

Here in Louisiana, as well as across the rest of the nation, there is a huge divide within the Democratic Party. On one side, you have older, establishment Democrats who are happy to keep playing defense – and then there are Millennials who want to play offense.

It’s the long fight of American politics. Every generation battles with the previous ones to move things forward, and it isn’t always pretty. The establishment protects their own, the younger people fight to take it down.

It doesn’t need to be this way. We don’t need to be fighting each other, or rehashing the 2016 primaries. There is too much at stake for internal squabbles, and the DNC needs to recognize that.

Like it or not, Millennials and Gen Y are pissed off. They’re tired of older establishment Democrats who won’t be around in 20 years telling them to support candidates that don’t represent their best interests or values. A prime example of this is my candidate, Rob Anderson, who was in the race months before Mimi Methvin got in. Rob is very progressive on reproductive rights, marijuana, and criminal justice reform – which is why I agreed to work for his campaign.

I’ve been approached by establishment Democrats who ask me why I’m not working for Mimi, instead of Rob Anderson. They ask why we aren’t closing ranks around one candidate, and if I really want Clay Higgins to win. Louisiana’s 3rd District has not been represented by a Democrat since it was rearranged after 2010. Prior to that, in its prior layout, LA-3 was held by Republicans, and a couple conservative Democrats. There has not been a strong Democrat contender in years, and this is the year where we are poised to flip a very red district with a candidate who can attract liberals, progressives, and perhaps even some conservatives who feel betrayed or embarrassed by Clay Higgin’s antics.

I like Mimi as a person. I think she would be a good attorney general, but we have enough lawyers in Congress already. She represents an older, white liberal demographic which is out of sync with most people under 50.

I’m not trying to single her out, but this a problem for Democrats across the country. Over and over again, the establishment tells us younger folks to sit down and wait our turn – which really means wait until they croak and then we can pick up the pieces.

A lot of us aren’t going to sit around and wait for that to happen. I don’t like fighting with other Democrats, but when leadership is lacking, then it’s time to step up and grab the wheel. It’s nothing personal – the future of our nation is at stake.

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