The definition of equality

“Equal to” does not mean “greater than”. Equal to does not warrant special protected status or preferred treatment. “Where are you going with this?” a reader might ask. I’m talking about groups that have been discriminated against that demand equal status but seem to be desiring an elevated status as if somehow this rights past wrongs. Personally, I resent having the wrongs of my gender, race or those of my ancestors being held against me as if I personally had a hand in those trespasses. I had a direct ancestor (female, mind you) involved in the burning of suspected witches in the 1600’s as well as others who owned slaves around the same time in Rhode Island. I had a grandfather who was a Fascist sympathizer and the other was a scam artist. For sure, I am ashamed of what they did but for me to somehow feel guilt for things that happened before I was even born is not reasonable.
Preferential treatment for minority groups creates a sense of entitlement, a feeling that something is owed to someone not based on their accomplishments or qualifications, but solely because they belong to a certain group. This is the same as the old “white privilege” code that is still prevalent in some parts of the country. Equality does not mean setting yourself apart from others because you are now part of some special class of citizens. I’m not saying that we should repeal any type of anti-discrimination laws, but what I am saying is that those who are now protected should not use this cloak to relinquish themselves of responsibilities or demand privileges and disproportionate representation not afforded to everyone else. This isn’t a request to go back to the old days, not by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a reminder that “equal to” does not mean “greater than”.
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  1. Well you are holding true to your word to tick off both sides in your posts. I am sure that many on the left would find many places to disagree with your post.

    I do not believe in forced equality through "equal economics" brought about by wealth redistribution. But I do believe in equal opportunities. I do not believe in race being used a a qualification for almost anything. If a person is qualified for something that should be the only basis. Now the opportunity to gain those qualifications should be open for every one.

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