Thanks To Baby Boomers, It Will Take Generations For Us To Un-Fuck This Mess

Thanks a whole fucking lot, Baby Boomers. Gen X here, we’re in a terrible mess, thanks to you. Yeah, we get it, you thought you knew what was best for us. You went to Woodstock, you participated in the Summer of Love. You hopped in your cars and drove in from around the country to listen to Hendrix, Joplin and dabbled in the best drugs of the time.

That was the year after both Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr were assassinated, and Richard Nixon was elected. You didn’t really rebel, you went and did drugs on a farm in New York, and burnt your fucking draft cards.

That must have been nice, Baby Boomers, rebelling against the system while still fueling your egos and gas tanks with the money of your WWII-era parents who still had union jobs.

Now here we are 50 years later, burdened with student debt that we incurred in hopes of getting jobs that have long since been outsourced to the countries that were once our enemies. Yet, you have the unmitigated gall to tell us that we should grab our bootstraps and pull ourselves up, if only we could scrape together the money for those boots, or the straps.

We once had an American Dream. It was nice. You Baby Boomers used to preach to us about it as you enjoyed the last of it while selling out every last ideal in the hopes of scoring a corner office. You traded in LSD at Woodstock for Valium at 3pm on Thursdays, and then Viagra when you retired. All of that time, you told us we could be wildly successful if we just followed that blueprint that should have been rolled up and smoked on those muddy hills in 1969.

The two-car garage and the white picket fence with the one-income household went to shit long ago. The financial crisis of 2007 was the bullet in the back of the head for any of us who ever dreamed of home ownership, while banks got bailed out, and so many people we knew lost everything.

Then, to add insult to injury – you elected Donald Fucking Trump, of all people? Please don’t ever lecture us on personal responsibility or anything else after this. After all, we showed you how to use Facebook, and here you are now sharing Russian propaganda and InfoWars.

I am so completely done here. And yes, I used a meme to make my point. Try using one of the 50 malware toolbars you installed by mistake to look up what it means.

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