SCOTUS: With Liberty…And Justice for Some

Supreme Court Storm

Our SCOTUS yesterday ruled that Trump’s xenophobic and thoroughly unsubstantiated ban on travelers from certain countries is completely constitutional and therefore legal. This means that if you happen to want to travel here from one of 7 countries whom Trump is currently sour on (inexplicably including North Korea, who I thought was the bastion of western democracy now, according to Trump? So confused), you have to apply to various government agencies for a visa, and good luck with that one. 

All the side eye to our five somewhat-not-really-at-all American-values-oriented SCOTUS justices who think this ban isn’t racist because Venezuela and North Korea were surreptitiously added at the last minute. You know which countries aren’t included in this travel ban? Any with a majority of white citizens. If the Muslim ban was a Muslim ban when before it included North Korea and Venezuela, how is it not still a Muslim ban after those two countries were added to the ban? Banning more non-white countries means Trump’s racist policy isn’t racist? 

Probably just a strange coincidence, according to Chief Justice Roberts, who wrote in the majority opinion that President Caesar Orangulous has “ample authority to make national security judgments in the realm of immigration.” 

Five of our country’s highest judicial officers claim they are bound by law to trust our president, who lies as often as he breathes, on national security issues. This is with no proof whatsoever that these “national security” measures will improve our country’s safety, as well as no logical backup that this atrocious decision is rooted in a concern for anyone’s well-being. 

For Chief Justice Roberts and his racist colleagues at SCOTUS, all the proof they need lies in the president’s now unfettered authority, regardless of all of his previously issued rhetoric outlining a clear bias against non-white citizens, to claim that ANY country in the world is a national security threat because there are “countries that do not share adequate information for an informed entry determination, or that otherwise present national security risks.”

That’s right, a country sending its citizens here has to vet them for us or we won’t let them in, although there are exactly zero publicly-stated vetting benchmarks put out by the Trump Administration. Oh but wait, there’s more. Somalia attempted to comply with Trump’s absurd and nebulous demands of “extreme vetting,” yet since they maintained a “significant terrorist presence,” the travel ban should apply to them anyway, regardless of anything Somalia might have done to correct their vetting approaches.

Trump’s immigration policy doesn’t exist in a vacuum, Chief Justice Roberts. If you put on blinders to what he has maintained as nothing short of a whites only America, Trump and his traitorous handlers and supporters will continue to equivocate their racism under the guise of national security. If you believe that these non-mayo-sapiens are an existential threat simply because the regimes they live under visibly and vocally hate our treasonous leader, you are a poor excuse for an American.

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