Thanks To Trump, Russia Is Once Again The Greatest Threat To Western Democracy

I spent about two hours today reading the Buzzfeed investigations into mysterious deaths in England and the United States possibly connected to Russia. As I was reading through the stories from Buzzfeed, another exile from Russia, Nikolai Glushkov, turned up dead.

This comes after a former KGB double agent and his daughter were attacked with a nerve agent in England, an incident the British government could no longer ignore.
According to Buzzfeed, British officials were willing to look the other way as Russian exiles were targeted by Putin’s henchmen in the FSB, or Russian mafia members who worked hand in hand with the dictator.

What do these assassinations have to do with the 2016 elections? It’s pretty simple.

If Russian secret agents or sympathizers felt comfortable enough to assassinate political opponents both in London or Washington, then it certainly seems completely plausible that they were perfectly at home to meddle in our elections. This was a moonshot that succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

If the founder of Russia Today could be beaten to death in his hotel room and the local police were willing to claim it was a drunken accident, hacking the DNC and running election interference would be child’s play for Russia’s government.

This is assuming that Donald Trump was in debt to Russian interests since his last business bankruptcy. He emerged from Russia after multiple failed real estate deals, but still praised Vladimir Putin. By all logic, Trump should be hostile to Moscow for not making deals. Yet, he praises Russia at every opportunity.

Rex Tillerson was fired as Secretary of State, despite being friendly with Russia, after condemning Moscow over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

When a State Department employee disputed Trump’s reason for the termination, that person was fired as well. Another staffer was let go for not being able to pass a background check, only to be promptly hired onto Trump’s re-election campaign.

We’re facing the greatest threat to international security since the end of the Cold War. In my opinion, the Cold War never really ended, it was placed on pause, and restarted by Vladimir Putin once he saw the opportunity to throw the West into chaos with social media.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Russia hasn’t completely infiltrated our goverment or elections, which is why it is so important that you vote. Don’t listen to the Facebook pages that spread false news or try to convince you that your vote doesn’t matter. It’s what Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump want.

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