Once Again, Trump Is Trying To Distract Us With A Media Outrage Over Leaks

Ahead of yet another vote on repealing portions of Obamacare and a nearly certain passage of additional sanctions against Russia, Donald Trump appears to be trying to distract us with outrage over leaks from the White House.

Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, went off on an insane rant with New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza over the leaks that have plagued the Trump administration.

Scaramucci has promised to fire anyone he suspected of being involved with these leaks, which appears to be an attempt by the White House to crack down on the stories slipped to the press. He even went so far as to attack Reince Preibus, calling him a “paranoid schizophrenic.”

Before I get into my analysis of what is going on, here is an excerpt from The New Yorker interview. You can read all of it by clicking the link below.

Scaramucci also told me that, unlike other senior officials, he had no interest in media attention. “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock,” he said, speaking of Trump’s chief strategist. “I’m not trying to build my own brand off the fucking strength of the President. I’m here to serve the country.” (Bannon declined to comment.)

He reiterated that Priebus would resign soon, and he noted that he told Trump that he expected Priebus to launch a campaign against him. “He didn’t get the hint that I was reporting directly to the President,” he said. “And I said to the President here are the four or five things that he will do to me.” His list of allegations included leaking the Hannity dinner and the details from his financial-disclosure form. (The New Yorker)

While I have no love for Bannon or Priebus, I think this is nothing more than an attempt by the White House to gin up outrage and media buzz to distract us from the critical vote going on in the Senate on repealing Obamacare.

Trump knows all too well how the media works. After all, he used it to get billions of dollars of free advertising during his campaign. He knows that they will cover this because it is red meat and lucrative web traffic, rather than concentrating on the real issues.

This feud with Scaramucci, Bannon and Priebus is in my opinion, a reality TV sideshow designed to get our attention while Republicans do everything they can to kill Obamacare. Scaramucci is there to be the ringmaster, while Bannon and Priebus set themselves up for a career after Trump resigns or is impeached.

Don’t be fooled by the sideshow, keep pressure on your senators. Be sure to text “resist” to 50409 and send messages to them letting them know that you support Obamacare and sanctions on Russia.

Now here is some music to help you resist.

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