There Is Nothing Patriotic About Excluding Trans People From Military Service

In an attempt to distract the media and the public from his scandals, Donald Trump announced the other day that he was going to keep trans people from joining the military. He did not provide any details as to how this would affect trans folks who were already serving in our armed forces, because he never has a plan for any of the asinine things that he says.

Not long after this, The Donald went off on another rant about the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton. Aside from the fact that I think all of this is a distraction from the real issues, let’s talk about how stupid it is to exclude someone from military service because of their gender identity.

Trans people (I hope I am using the correct term here) are not a threat to our nation’s security, Donald Trump and his Russian connections are. Transgender people in our military aren’t joining for the affordable healthcare they might not be able to get in their home states, they’re doing it because they are patriots and want to serve.

Donald Trump avoided military service. Unlike Bill Clinton and thousands of other men who dodged the Vietnam draft for ideological reasons, Trump claimed that he had bone spurs. As much I as despised George W. Bush, he at least enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard.

Trump would keep trans people from joining the military because he claims their healthcare costs would be too much. That medical care is a tiny fraction of the military budget, and only 20 percent of what they spend on Viagra for old staff sergeants and chief petty officers who can’t get it up anymore.

Trump has paid lip service to the LGBTQ community and those of us who have their six. He is willing to throw them under the bus for political gain and a cheap distraction from his scandals.

At least they had the guts and testicular fortitude to serve, unlike a gutless rich coward who claimed to have bone spurs.

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