I’m Struggling to Remain Positive Today

School is starting back again, and I have more time to think. I scan through the headlines multiple times per day, and I realize how difficult it is to remain positive in this environment. Everything I had hoped for feels light years out of reach.

Fundamentalist Christians are as hateful as ever. The progress we made under President Obama is disappearing a little more each day. War has been declared on LGBTQ Americans; their fundamental right to exist is challenged every time I turn around. The current president himself has declared open season on transgender soldiers serving in the military. On Twitter. Suddenly the “Patriotic Party” is upside down and behind this ridiculous notion that you have to be a certain type of person to serve, even though their Commander-in-Chief never did.

The GOP spent months trying to kill Obamacare with nothing worthwhile to replace it. All they cared about was cutting taxes for the richest Americans at the expense of the poorest and middle-class. We fought tooth-and-nail for our right to survival, while we watched disabled Americans in wheelchairs get hauled off to jail. Then we sat by and shook our heads while the cowards avoided town halls for fear of hearing opposition to their unpopular plans. Now the president is threatening to kill Obamacare from the inside out. Insurers are nervous, which makes people scared witless.

The Russia investigation is continuing, but at what seems a snail’s pace. What will happen? When? Will the GOP do anything about it if it does?

We have an opioid crisis, and the current administration is falling back to the failed policies of yesteryear, or “just don’t do it”. This is more a national emergency than a “hey guys, let’s denounce the use of these medications.” Someone, somewhere, needs to do something dramatic and drastic. Instead we have Jeff Sessions worried about marijuana with the hellfire and brimstone we need for opioids. Prisoners are viewed as a revenue stream instead of people who need rehabilitation and help.

The President has started his own propaganda media outlet, which makes Fox News seem tame by comparison. Trump lies constantly on Twitter, his surrogates lie on his behalf every time they open their mouths; now he has a news channel to spread the falsehoods even further.

Finally we are in a battle of something with North Korea and nuclear weapons. Does our president even understand that Guam is a United States territory? How frightening is it that the GOP does not even take him seriously anymore? What should matter is that his words still hold power on the world stage and Kim Jong-un may very well take him at face value. We have an ad-libbing president hanging out on a golf course, randomly shooting off his mouth about fire and fury at a foreign dictator.

Science denial and elevation of fundamentalist charlatans is enough to make any sane person lose hope. This administration is a cluster of a mess of monumental proportions. So where is the positive? What does a person do to keep a sense of humor and look on the bright side? I look forward to your responses. Because like I suspect of many of you, I am struggling today.

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