I’m So Proud Of The Florida Teenagers Standing Up Against The NRA

Florida’s legislature has voted to force schools to display “In God We Trust” – shortly after voting against assault weapons regulations in the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland.

It’s an affront to the survivors and the families of those who died, but it’s par for the course for a Republican-controlled state government that is more concerned with pushing religion down the throats of students rather than protecting their lives. Currently, South Carolina is also trying to ban all abortions and to punish people with sagging pants. This is utter insanity, and it is the last gasp of the far-right – because they know their days are numbered.

The kids who are standing up to the NRA are young enough to be my own children. They’re going to be 18 soon, if they aren’t already, and they’re pissed off at the Republican Party and the NRA. After the hell they’ve been through, the Blue Wave in 2018 and 2020 will devastate the GOP, but only if they vote.

I’m Generation X. I’m not going to try to tell these new voters what to do, but simply offer a little advice.

First, don’t believe the Russian propaganda and for-profit entities posing as political organizations that your vote doesn’t matter, or that both parties are the same. InfoWars and others like them are backed by Russian interests who want to tear our country apart. You know goddamn well which party sucks on the NRA teat and supports saddling you with more student debt.

Second, people will try to hijack your movement. You will be asked to write for various clickbait sites like Occupy Democrats or The Other 98%, or to promote their links in exchange for money. These individuals (some don’t even live in the United States) aren’t interested in ending gun violence or removing Trump from office, their livelihoods depend on being the false face of the resistance. I’d be willing to bet that if given the chance to end mass shootings in our country or continue making a fat monthly check from advertisers, these entities would choose the money. Profit over politics, that’s the long and short of it. Don’t give into that.

Third and finally, seek out the older folks who have political connections. Find those of us who are willing to work behind the scenes and let you be your own voices. This is your future. This is your America. Give the NRA absolute hell.

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