If Democrats Want To Take Back Congress, They Have To Win In The South

At the beginning of this year, I was approached by a candidate for Congress here in Louisiana’s 3rd district. Rob Anderson was going to run against “Cajun John Wayne”, also known as Clay Higgins, and he wanted me to help.

Since then, I have been helping to craft policy, work on social media, etc. Clay Higgins is the most vulnerable GOP candidate in Louisiana in 2018, and we intend to send him back to selling used cars, or being a dirty cop.

Democrats have a unique opportunity to win in November and take back Congress, or maybe even the Senate. It isn’t out of our grasp, but the DNC needs to be sure to allocate resources appropriately – and voters need to avoid falling into the traps of apathy or ideological purity.

Our only serious Democratic opponent for Congress here in LA-3 is Mimi Methvin. She is a very nice lady. I’ve met her a couple of times. I have also told Mimi that I would happily work for her campaign for Attorney General next year.

She has a lot experience in law, yet she has not endorsed decriminalizing marijuana, and she has called for assault weapons bans. That may go over well in places like Massachusetts, but that will not win over moderate Republicans, Libertarians, or even complacent conservative Democrats in an extremely red district like LA-3.

This is a unique opportunity to flip a red district in the state I’ve lived in for the past 8 years. Our district has more registered Democrats and independents than Republicans, and they’re just waiting to for the right Democrat to send to Congress.

I firmly believe that is my friend Rob Anderson. Rob believes that your guns, reproductive choices, and other personal issues are none of the government’s business – as long as you aren’t break any laws or bothering anyone else.

That may be abhorrent to some blue state liberals, but that is part of winning red states like Howard Dean successfully did back in 2006. It’s not complicated – you run candidates who best connect with the people of that district, or that state.

Democrats can take back Congress, as long as they understand that a gay couple in Louisiana may also want to smoke weed and own guns. The 50 state strategy worked then, and it can work again.

What better place than LA-3, what better time than now?

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Manny Schewitz is an ex-Republican currently living in Louisiana with his fiancee, three children, two cats and a dog. His hobbies include trolling Trump supporters on local news stations, playing poker, and fishing.

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