History Will Judge Harshly Republicans Who Stand By Trump’s Fascism

It may be a decent short-term survival strategy, but history will judge the GOP and their embrace of Trump's fascism harshly.

In the 1930s, quite a few Jewish members of my family lived in Germany. As Hitler consolidated power, and the country slipped into fascism, some realized that the best thing to do was get out of the country, as fast as they fucking could. Those people settled here in the United States, and the rest thought it would all blow over, choosing to remain in Germany until citizens came to their senses.

Those who remained were wiped out. Few, if any, survived the forced labor, the gas chambers and the crematoriums. They drew their last breaths in places like Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. My great-aunt Raquel left early, immigrated to our country, and went on to work for the CIA as a linguistics expert. She spoke 22 languages, and was good friends with Albert Einstein. Her son and my uncle participated in the clandestine shipments of Jews from Europe to Palestine after WWII, both of them were captured by British forces.

The point of all of this is that our family knows about genocide, and fascism – which is exactly what our country has been creeping into since the Bush years.

The Obama years were a welcome lull from the insanity, but it was just a quick break from our decline in the post-9/11 years.

The Republican Party surrendered to Donald Trump in 2016. They continue to sacrifice any lingering decency they may have left in order to save their seats in the mid-term elections, in hopes of not being the target of his morning Twitter rants.

It may be a decent short-term strategy, but history will judge the GOP and their embrace of Trump’s fascism harshly.

One day, if we survive all of this, our children and grandchildren will look back at these years and ask what we did to resist. I know what I will tell them, what will you tell your descendants?

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