Here’s Why Women Are Finally Exposing Roy Moore

As Alabama’s Senate candidate Roy Moore is learning, revenge is a dish best served cold. The former Supreme Court Chief Justice, who is backed by Steve Bannon, has suddenly been exposed as a creep who allegedly molested numerous teenaged girls decades ago.

You know it’s bad when the vast majority of Republicans in the Senate, which Roy Moore hopes to be elected to, have condemned him. Arizona senator Jeff Flake has even said that he would vote for a Democrat over Moore, if he was given the opportunity.

The far-right has predictably made excuses for Roy Moore. They even smashed their Keurig coffee machines after the company pulled its advertising from the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, because the corporation was uncomfortable with his defense of Moore.

These individuals are asking why these women waited all of these years to come forward. They’re trying to paint the victims as political opportunists, and Roy Moore is threatening to sue the Washington Post for publishing the allegations.

This story hits close to home for me. I grew up in the Bible Belt. People in my family were molested by someone with a lot less power than Roy Moore, but this guy managed to go decades without being charged, because of his influence in the community.

Nearly 30 years later, his victims finally came forward, and William Kerr is in jail, awaiting his day in court.

Now imagine if you’re a woman in Alabama, with your molester in the highest judicial position in the state. This is a man who can destroy you legally, if you dare to speak out. Roy Moore allegedly threatened a victim into silence because he was a district attorney, so his career in the Supreme Court would have held even more leverage over those women.

Moore has mounted various defenses since the Post story appeared. Among these is his “special concern for the protection of young ladies,” as he put it to Hannity. The Fox News host pressed for specifics. “I don’t know Ms. Corfman from anybody,” Moore went on. “I never talked to her, never had any contact with her. Allegations of sexual misconduct with her are completely false. I believe they are politically motivated. I believe they are brought only to stop a very successful campaign, and that’s what they are doing. I’ve never known this woman.” When questioned about the other women cited in the Post story, he said that he couldn’t be expected to remember every woman he’d ever dated. “After my return from the military,” he said, “I dated a lot of young ladies.” (New Yorker)

The Republican Party has a moral imperative to reject Roy Moore, and refuse to seat him in the Senate if he is elected by the people of Alabama. If they allow him to be sworn in, there is no rational argument for the GOP to claim that they represent the women of America.

Then again, this is the party that elected Donald Trump, after he bragged about sexually assaulting women on video. I rest my case.

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