Election day, countdown to whatever

Whatever. That’s about how I feel. America has the voting maturity, gullibility and attention span of a hyper-active 14 year old on a Mountain Dew high. You’d think that most adults would be able to see past the half-truths, exaggerations, out of context quotes and the outright blatant lies. Apparently, they can’t. Apparently, we have lost almost every shred of common sense in this country.

The ones that really grind my gears, besides the ones that are full of obvious racebaiting and xenophobia, are the ones where “conservative” politicians harp about their “family values” platforms. I’m not a “true conservative”, certainly not by the standards of those who clamor to don that cape, but it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the policies that they support certainly aren’t “family friendly”. I’m not sure why people who claim to care about “family values” fall for the same line of shit every election cycle, yet put an “R” by the name of that candidate and they’ll vote for them, every time. I’m failing to see how these politicians are promoting family value when over and over, they vote to give subsidies and tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas and fail to be responsible for the welfare of their employees and the communities they impact. Instead of a solid, single income household being the norm, harkening back to the oft-idealized 1950s nuclear family, we have commonly unstable, multiple income households considered to be typical now. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that without a combination of good jobs, family friendly business policies and a national sense of personal responsibility, we’re not going to cure the ills these people lament about.

You would think that a true “family values” politician, as well as their supporters, would espouse economic policies that would at least allow for the possibility of returning to that model but they do not. It’s so easy to blame the current state of affairs on the usual suspects that the talking heads love the pin the blame on but easy doesn’t equal accurate.

Tomorrow, many people will go to the polls and pull the lever for the “anti-establishment” candidate that has wooed them with promises of change and family values, not realizing that these slightly less polished prostitutes will continue to take them further down the road towards the “Babylon” they thought they were heading away from.

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Manny Schewitz is an ex-Republican currently living in Louisiana with his fiancee, three children, two cats and a dog. His hobbies include trolling Trump supporters on local news stations, playing poker, and fishing.


  1. I actually agree with a lot of this post. Do you know the ones that get under my skin? It is those that take a 3 or 4 word clip from someone's speech on the Fair tax and claim that they are in support of a 23% tax on everything. While forgetting to mention they are in favor of removing all other taxes which is a net tax reduction. The climate is crap. Or those on the Left that swing to the right at election time. Or those on the right that don't understand that we don't want them to swing to the left either.

    Now about the Family Values thing. I want to give Bill Clinton a bit of praise. He had enough cajones to try to put a Welfare Reform Bill in place that would build better family values in place. The Welfare system is a Family Killer. In the Black community it has resulted in a unwed birth rate of something like 70%. It takes fathers out of the home. Kids raised in such homes have tremendously high rates of criminal behaviors thus taking the young men out of the home. This results in generations of fathers gone. Single Mothers, that cannot earn enough with no education. If the Left cared about Family Values, then I suggest they end this horrible form of Plantation Politics. I would like for you to find a copy of the Willie Lynch letter online and apply the thoughts presented to the Government Program of Welfare. I think that you will see that it is merely a form of controlling the poor populations while buying their votes and keeping them in willful slavery. Family is hugely important.

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