I Don’t Recognize the Republican Party Anymore

When I left conservatism, I outgrew a set of ideals I grew up with. Most of them were based on what I learned in church, hypocritical though they may have been. For me, the Republican Party stood for personal responsibility, freedom of religion, the second amendment, lower taxes, small government, and family values.

Today’s Republican Party is nothing like that. It is akin to a funhouse mirror where everything is distorted, but in different ways. Some are really short and fat; others are tall and skinny; none look like the original. Nothing is normal, and no matter how frantically I search, I cannot find my way back to the beginning.

The easiest explanation is the Republican Party is no longer the party of conservatism. It is now simply the anti-liberal, anti-Obama party. They will cut off their noses to spite Democrats. There is no compromise, no working together for the common good. They do not promote the general welfare. They do not even promote themselves. The only thing they do is trash liberals. For example, they have every branch of government, but when they could not repeal Obamacare, what did they do? They blamed Democrats. There went personal responsibility!

Freedom of religion has become fundgelicism or “social conservatism”. The pews in the churches are emptying, so rather than reexamining the message, they have chosen to legislate it instead. Forget they elected a president who has literally committed every single one of the Seven Deadly Sins…now they must make more laws regarding LGBTQ Americans and abortion restrictions, which the Bible really never covered.

Also, the Second Amendment only applies to white people, as we have seen time and again. The National Rifle Association has become a fringe organization that incites violence against anyone who is not a Republican WASP.

And do not forget: taxes shall be lowered only for the richest of the rich and corporations. For an example of how successful that is, please see where Mississippi ranks on every list. The middle class has been left out in the cold, and nobody cares, because they do not have the money to lobby Congress.

Furthermore, small government is a joke. When it comes to legislating religion and abortion and anything else important to them, the Republican Party “forgets” the small part.

We have pastors preaching fake news from their pulpits. Ministers go on Twitter and make jokes about killing liberals (Mike Huckabee, anyone?). Fake commissions are set up to investigate fake allegations of voter fraud with the sole purpose of appeasing the overinflated ego of the world’s most narcissistic leader. “Statesmen” and Ambassadors and Spokesmen use language that would make sailors blush. We have been lied to so often, we expect it.

What happened to the Republican Party, the “Party of Family Values”? What happened to conservatism? No matter how hard I try, I cannot find it anymore.

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