If You Don’t Believe Roy Moore’s Accusers

The following is the text of an email I sent to the opinion editor of Birmingham News, our local newspaper after reading a number pathetic letters to the editor in Roy Moore’s defense:

Please include this narrative in your “Letters to the Editor” column:

I have read comments from some saying that even if Roy Moore did what he has been accused of doing to young girls, you will vote for him anyway. Let me translate that for you: ou would rather vote for a child molester than a Democrat. On the other hand, if you who don’t believe the many accusers, let me remind you that as United States citizen you have an obligation to inform yourself on the issues before voting and the character of a man who has run as God’s candidate is very much an issue in this election.

If you doubt the accusers, you must also disbelieve the scores of women and men in Gadsden who knew Moore in those days and have come forward to relate their stories of how Moore constantly trolled the Gadsden Mall hitting on teen-aged girls. And you must not believe that Moore wrote in his book that he first was attracted to his wife when was performing at a dance recital. At the time she was 15 and he was 33. If you haven’t read these accounts, it is probably because you refuse to be tempted to open your mind to the truth.

Rick Guilbeau

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