Donald Trump Is A Delusional, Angry Toddler With Gun Fantasies

Yesterday, I read that Donald Trump would rush in unarmed, to take down a mass shooter in a school. Considering what we know about his draft deferments where he had the chance to fight an enemy while armed with an assault rifle, this was pathetic, and delusional.

This is also par for the course for many Trump supporters who love to post in Facebook group echo chambers. They brag about how they own 10 assault rifles, hate liberals, and could somehow take down a deranged kid intent on killing as many students and faculty as possible – as if this was somehow a remake of a Rambo film that they were going to star in.

Guns aren’t a fucking joke, and stopping a mass shooter is a silly fantasy. Few school shooters have taken down by law enforcement, they usually off themselves when the cops are closing in. This was the case at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and others. They’re usually on a suicide mission, and no armed teacher or security guard, with any amount of firepower, is likely to be a deterrent.

Very few of us who own guns are likely to confront a deranged shooter who is armed with an assault rifle. I am proficient with a gun, but I can tell you that I would not want to go up against someone while armed with a handgun, or even a similar weapon to what they have. This isn’t a Hollywood film. When the bullets fly, all bets are off. Shrapnel flies, rounds ricochet, and none of this resembles a John Wayne film.

Rushing a shooter works now and then. You have to get lucky, you have to get a drop on them, and you have to be able to subdue them while taking their gun away. This isn’t as easy as some might think, especially if you’re a geriatric golf player who hasn’t fired a gun in their lifetime.

When Donald Trump says that he would have gone in unarmed against the shooter in Florida, I laughed my ass off. Trump is almost twice my age. He is incredibly out of shape, likely knows nothing about handling firearms, let alone disarming someone.

I wonder what he would do if confronted with a real threat, Tweet them to death?

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