If You Defend Roy Moore, You Have No Right To Condemn Al Franken

Al Franken is in the news, and it isn’t a good thing. He allegedly groped a fellow performer on a USO tour, and may or may not have forced her to kiss him. None of this is excusable, he has apologized for his actions, asked for an ethics committee investigation, and his apology was accepted by the victim.

Meanwhile, Republicans are still defending Roy Moore, someone who is accused of doing far worse things with teenaged girls. Unlike Roy Moore, Al Franken has not tried to make excuses for his actions. Senator Franken has not tried to hide behind a facade of being a “family values” conservative, while living as a right-wing hypocrite.

This is the difference between the left and the right. When people on the left do something immoral like sexting with a teenage girl as Anthony Weiner did, we hang them out to dry. We don’t make excuses for their behavior, and we sure as hell don’t try to slut-shame their accusers.

Al Franken did something wrong. There is no denying that. However, in the great scheme of things that politicians have done wrong over the decades, it’s pretty minor in comparison to the allegations against Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.

Al Franken didn’t use a position of authority to attempt to sexually assault teenage girls, and then silence them and their families. He didn’t spend decades condemning gay people and promoting himself as a champion of conservative values, even as he failed to live up to his own standards.

Naturally, Donald Trump, who is accused by multiple women of sexual assault and bragged about it on film, jumped all over Franken on Twitter.

The allegations against Al Franken are disturbing. However, he didn’t try to paint the allegations as a partisan witch hunt and use it to raise funds and sympathy. That’s what Roy Moore and his supporters did.

Instead, he owned up to his behavior, apologized, and asked for an investigation. That is how any man, with any class, should act. You can’t say that for Trump, or Roy Moore.

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