Dear Trump Supporting Bigots: Fuck Your Feelings. Sincerely, The Rest of America

Can’t we all get along? Rodney King’s faux-prophetic words after the LA riots in 1992 seem to have been resurrected as the current battle cry for conservative bigots in the wake of one restaurant owner’s decision to not serve our illustrious press secretary, Gosh-Darnit Goebbels, last Friday night. Frankly, for me at least, it’s difficult for these pleas to be met with anything but derision and spontaneous, uproarious laughter.

This is the party that says on the regular, “fuck your feelings,” and claims their opponents are snowflakes who can’t take a little criticism. Trump’s supporters routinely claim that their dear leader gave up a life of comfort to face unbridled discrimination as he makes his best efforts to defend our country from foreign marauders and democratic lawmakers looking to erode what once made America great.

So we are now to believe that this is discrimination and bullying to refuse service to a patron, at least according to Mike Huckabee. No, Mikey, this isn’t bigotry.

Bigotry is when a baker refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple based on them being gay. Bigotry is when a South Dakota jury condemns a man to death because they believe he would enjoy the anal sex in prison. Bigotry is when a property owner (later president) refuses to rent apartments to black people because they’re black. Bigotry is when a president refuses to give the same treatment to a black soldier’s widow as he does to a white soldier’s widow.

So no, I refuse to just “get along” with these bigots. No, this does not mean I’m threatening any Klan sympathizer anywhere with physical harm, as our dumbass-in-chief’s tweets would have you believe. It doesn’t mean that I’m willing to turn to violence because I don’t believe bigots deserve to have their ideas taken seriously.

It means that I don’t have to reserve a spot at the political discussion table for bigots who think I (or anyone) deserved to be burned in an oven or hanged from a tree. I don’t have to, and will never, entertain the political views of someone who thinks there are good people on both sides of the white supremacy “debate.”

There is no debate. You either believe in equality for all, or you’re a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve engagement.

Sorry, not sorry, to close the debate up on this one. There are things our politicians need to debate in our country. There are things the citizens need to debate. Whether or not it’s okay to be a bigot isn’t one of those things.

Sure, you’re free to be an asshole in America. But you don’t deserve consideration. Your freedom of speech does not come with freedom from consequences. You do not get a safe space for hatred.

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