Dear Equifax, From a Pissed Off (Not) Customer

Dear Equifax,

You are a faceless entity with an amazing amount of control over my life. If I need a loan, want a credit card, or even decide to get an insurance quote, you are consulted. Honestly, you know more about me than my parents, my friends, and my children.

I never consented to giving you all this information, yet you have it nonetheless. Inside your data vaults are my social security number, driver’s license, birthday, credit cards, loans, addresses, employers, and probably my blood type and pizza preference.

Somehow you were entrusted with enough personal details to recreate every American. In hindsight, that probably was not the best idea, but live and learn. I would think you would take that seriously, but you did not. I guess you were too busy lobbying for fewer regulations and more power to be bothered with insignificant details like data encryption. Now it has bitten all of us in the ass.

Once you found out my personal and very valuable information was “compromised,” what did you do? Did you immediately notify me and help me lock everything down? Oh, hell no! Several of your top executives sold off a couple million dollars worth of stock, and six WEEKS later, you finally bothered to announce what had happened.

Originally, you tried to cover your asses at my expense. If I checked your website, I gave up my rights to sue. Then, if I signed up for one measly year of credit monitoring, I gave up my rights to sue. Now, I am supposed to be able to sign up online for free credit freezing, but I have yet to be able to do that. You have had six weeks to work this out. Do you just not give a damn? Never mind. I can answer that.

I may be dealing with the repercussions of your carelessness for the rest of my life, along with half of America. And I know you will get away with a mere slap on the wrist, if even that. And it infuriates me beyond words. You did not do your job. You deserve to go out of business. It should be your responsibility – your duty – to fix all of this. But you will do none of that. I am not even your customer, which is one of the many, many reasons you just do not care.

My credit could be affected. Someone could use my identity to get medical treatment, which would go on my record. The worst cases could involve someone getting a driver’s license in my name and racking up speeding tickets or worse, leaving me with serious issues, even an arrest warrant.

The only thing you understand is money. It is my hope that every state’s attorney general, every American affected, and the federal government successfully sues you into oblivion. Hopefully the other credit reporting bureaus will learn from your mistakes.


A Pissed Off (Not) Customer

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