Conservatives Whining About The NFL Protests Are The Real Snowflakes

Conservatives, especially Trump supporters, love to laugh about liberals being “snowflakes” and being easily offended. They laugh off opposition to Nazi rallies, and snort about those of us who stand up for LGBT rights – or against police brutality and racism.

They want us to protest peacefully, and lump Black Bloc anarchists in with political activists who want to bring an end to systematic racism in America. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been called a “triggered snowflake,” I could probably take a nice vacation to the Bahamas for a week or two.

The recent NFL protests are a prime example of conservative outrage over prominent individuals expressing their 1st Amendment rights on primetime TV. Can you imagine their opposite reaction if players came out to protest against a woman’s right to choose, or if the players lined up in Nuremberg formations to pledge undying allegiance to Herr Gropenfuhrer Von Thinskin?

Trump’s assault on the NFL this past weekend was one of his dumbest political moves. Even some NFL team owners who donated to his campaign and inauguration festivities turned their back on The Donald, and stood with their players who were insulted. Talk about irony, this is a great example of something backfiring on Trump in a way he couldn’t have expected.

Now we have angry NFL fans burning their expensive merchandise and vowing to never watch professional football again. At the same time, NASCAR and the MLB players’ union have also endorsed the right to free speech which has to spin furious racists into a complete frenzy.

How hard it is it to realize that the National Anthem before a sporting event isn’t the be-all and end-all of patriotism? If someone wants to sit, stand, or kneel, what difference does it make? I’m pretty sure that honoring our flag goes beyond making a token stand at a game, and that ensuring an America which is equal for people of all backgrounds is more important.

That’s what the angry NFL protesters don’t understand. And if they don’t want to be labeled as racists and Deplorables, perhaps they should stop and take a moment to reflect on how their impotent anger sounds.

Their protests don’t sound like patriotism, it sounds like infantile white privilege. Because nothing sounds more like white supremacy than demanding minority athletes don’t anger the plantation owners, and their legions of useful white idiots.

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