America Needs YOU! 5 Ways You Can Help The Resistance

It’s not Hillary’s, nor the Democrats’ fault that you think she or they didn’t stress SCOTUS appointments enough as a possible reason for someone to vote for her and them in 2016. There was already a vacant seat due to Republican obstructionism. Clarence Thomas had hinted at retiring. RBG is 85. Kennedy is a wierdo traitor (granted we didn’t know that then). These appointments are for life. They and their decisions shape politics and society for generations.

It was always a huge reason to vote.  It is always a huge reason to vote Democrat. 5-4 votes are real and who we elect tip the scales of justice. Obergfel. Citizens United. US v Gore. Just to name a few in our lifetimes.

And you didn’t know this then either, but our SCOTUS is most likely going to decide whether or not the current president was wrong to collude with a hostile foreign power to gain the highest elected office in the land. They will also probably weigh in on whether or not he attempted to obstruct the investigation into the corruption of our election process. And maybe even whether or not it’s illegal for a president to enrich himself from the fame of his office.

But there’s good news. There are lots of things you can do. Here is a short, non-comprehensive list:

1. Get online today and read about who is going to be on your ballot in November.

2. Figure out the names and policies of the Democrat and Republican candidates you have to choose from on local, state and national levels.

3. Research legitimate articles that bolster the Democratic candidates’ proposed policies and save them for easy access.

4. Make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other platform, posts advocating for the Democratic candidates you have researched and whose policies you support.

5. Get out and vote Democrat straight down the ticket.

The only way to hopefully limit Trump’s damaging our longstanding institutions is to put people in power who will fight him at every level of government. There is only one party who has shown they are capable of standing up to him.

Don’t buy into equivocation. Both parties are not the same. Trump threatens everything you hold dear to you with his fascism. Don’t let his hate govern our country anymore. Help the Resistance save America!

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